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With its origins dating back to 1980, Southwest Rail Industries, Inc. (SRI) has the knowledge and experience to offer transportation solutions and value added services that will help make you and your business more successful.

Asset Purchase/Sale and Sale/Leaseback

Whether you are a shipper/car owner or individual investor of railcars, SRI can help if car ownership becomes undesirable. Contact us and we'll develop a proposal that's sensitive to your individual specific needs, offering a fair and competitive market price for your equipment. Want to own railcars but not sure where to begin, SRI is actively involved in in locating specific railcars for our customers through various rail asset sales and we stand ready to assist in locating your desired car type. Whether new or used assets are desired we can help you with the railcar manufacturers or 3rd party sellers; from negotiating price, inspection of cars, or new cars reviews, we have the ability to assist in any facet.

With an ever changing landscape relating to the ownership of most types of railcars, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many companies to justify owning their own fleet. If you desire to continue operating the railcars but no longer wish to own the equipment and are interested in disposing of rail assets, keep us in mind. We are able to custom tailor a sale/leaseback arrangement to help you meet financial objectives. The sale/leaseback creates a cash infusion for your company while offering the same equipment back at reasonable full service or net lease rates. This arrangement shifts the burden of car ownership and allows the continued operation of the fleet without interruption.

If a younger fleet is desired, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the purchase of your existing equipment and provide you more modern equipment under full service or net lease arrangements.

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