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  With a staff that has over 100 years of rail car experience Southwest Rail Industries, Inc. (SRI) has the knowledge and know how to offer transportation solutions and value added services that will help make you and your business more successful.

Tank Car Lease


Full Service Leasing

Our core business is the full service leasing of both tank cars and hopper cars to the oil, petrochemical, food, plastics, and agricultural industries. Our client base consists of customers located in the United States, Mexico and Canada. We offer both short and long term lease arrangements customized to fit your individual business requirements.

We believe that there are significant advantages to dealing with a smaller leasing entity such as SRI. First and foremost rapid response is a cornerstone of our business. Our customers don't have to wait for an answer from the home office! Whether it's pricing, contract negotiation or maintenance claims, our personnel are empowered to make decisions on the spot. You'll also get the personal touch, we offer unparalleled customer service. Back to Top

Fleet Management

Serving customers with just a few rail cars to large corporations whose fleets surpass 1,700 cars, SRI has the proven track record to provide the management services you require. Whether it's fleet administration, ad valorum taxes, mileage accounting, or regulatory compliance we have the systems, personnel, and technology to support your needs. We can custom tailor a program to assist in managing your fleet. Utilization of our expertise frees up your valuable time which can be better devoted to your core business, allowing you to concentrate on your companies specific goals and objectives Back to Top

Rail Car Brokering

SRI is actively involved in the remarketing of idle rail equipment of all types. SRI specializes in working with clients who find themselves long on rail cars. We use our vast customer base to match the needs of those companies with excess rail cars to those in need of the equipment. These remarketing arrangements are typically short-term agreements affording our customers flexibility in managing their fleet Back to Top

Sale Leaseback

Integral to the growth of our company, SRI is always on the lookout for opportunities to purchase rail equipment. If you own rail equipment and are interested in disposing of rail assets, keep us in mind. We are able to custom tailor purchase/leaseback arrangements to help our customers meet financial objectives. The purchase/leaseback creates a cash infusion for those companies wishing to sell the rail assets while at the same time offers the same equipment back at reasonable full service lease rates. This arrangement shifts the burden of car ownership and allows the continued operation of the fleet without interruption. Back to Top

Asset Purchase and Sale

If car ownership becomes undesirable, contact us and we'll develop a proposal that's sensitive to your individual specific needs, and offers a fair and competitive market price for your equipment. Additionally, SRI is actively involved in the sale of rail assets and we stand ready to assist in locating your desired car type. Back to Top

Sales and Marketing
Accounting and Operations

Chris Garmoe

(979) 725-6838
Bill Fluker - Operations Manager
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Jason Huette
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Wade Cernosek - Controller
(979) 725-8238
Nancy Bittner - Accounting
(979) 725-6219
Lisa Ervin - Customer Service
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Charlie Howell - Manager-Rail Fleet Maintenance
(979) 725-6905

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