About Us

With its origins dating back to 1980, Southwest Rail Industries, Inc. (SRI) has the knowledge and experience to offer transportation solutions and value added services that will help make you and your business more successful.

Fleet and Railcar Investment Management

Serving customers with just a few rail cars to large corporations whose fleets surpass 2,500 cars, SRI has the proven track record to provide the management services you require. Whether it's fleet administration, ad valorem taxes, mileage accounting, Repair and QA manuals or regulatory compliance, we have the systems, personnel, and technology to support your needs. To enhance the offerings to our customers, we partner with engineering professionals and can assist you with a variety of special projects relating to your fleet. Additionally, we can customize detailed reports highlighting various aspects of your fleet such as repair trends, repair costs per mile, taxes per entity, and mileage issues just to name a few. We will custom tailor a program to assist in managing your fleet.

If you are looking for someone to partner with to more effectively manage your fleet and would prefer a more personal touch, we would love to hear from you. Utilization of our expertise frees up your valuable time which can be better devoted to your core business, allowing you to concentrate on your company’s specific goals and objectives.

If you are an individual investor or an institutional investor of rail equipment, we have the expertise and proven track record to help you meet your railcar investment objectives. We are ready to help you with the leasing, maintenance and daily operations, detailed extensive reporting, risk assessment, and inspections. There’s not much we can’t handle. From a single car to thousands of cars, we can handle your needs.

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