Railcar Fleet

Serving customers with just a few rail cars to large corporations whose fleets surpass 2,500 cars, SRI has the proven track record to provide the management services you require.

Tank Cars

General Purpose Tank Cars: 10,500 gallons – 30,000 gallons

  • Designed to carry a multitude of commodities
  • Common commodities: base and finished lube oils, solvents, crude oil, diesel fuel, asphalt and fuel oils, petroleum wax, liquid fertilizers, caustic soda, corn syrup, vegetable oil, ethanol, tallows, magnesium chloride.
  • Multi-Compartment Tank Cars: 20,000 gallons -26,000 gallons; typically 2 - 4 compartments

  • Designed to carry more than one commodity at a time but in smaller volumes
  • Common commodities: finished lubes, solvents, specialty chemicals.
  • High Pressure Tank Cars: 17,000 gallons – 34,000 gallons

  • Designed to carry high pressure gases and highly volatile liquids
  • Common commodities: chlorine, liquefied petroleum gases (propane, butane, propylene), anhydrous ammonia.
  • Hoppers

    Small Cube Covered Hopper Cars: 2,800 c.f. - 3,200 c.f.

  • Designed to carry high density dry bulk commodities
  • Common commodities: cement, sand, perlite.
  • Medium Cube Covered Hopper Cars: 4,650 c.f. – 5,200 c.f.

  • Designed to carry medium to light density dry bulk commodities
  • Common commodities: grain, dry-bulk fertilizer, soda ash.
  • Large Cube Covered Hopper Cars: 5,700 c.f. – 6,400 c.f.

  • Designed to carry light density dry bulk commodities
  • Common commodities: plastic pellets, distillers dry grain (DDG).